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Kasumi Mountain Martial Arts offers a well-rounded approach to ancient Japanese martial arts for today’s world. Based in Asheville, North Carolina, we provide classes and workshops for kids, teens and adults.

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Living with honor, respect, and integrity is an important part of being a martial artist. That’s why we weave our 5 core values of Honesty, Flexibility, Bravery, Awareness and Perseverance into everything we do.

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Shihan, Sean Kennedy aka “Sensei Sean” is a fluid and gracious mentor who teaches from the heart.  He has followed martial arts as a lifelong path for over 40 years and has been training Budo Taijutsu since 1995.

As head instructor of Kasumi Mountain Martial Arts, he shares his understanding of the authentic arts of Japan’s ancient warrior lineage combined with his lessons from a life lived fully and closely with the earth.  He holds a Master Instructor level 10th Degree Black Belt in Budo Taijutsu and also holds black belt ranking in Tae Kwon Do and Chinese Kenpo Karate.


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"One of the most shocking findings of my work was the idea that the most compassionate people I have interviewed over the past 13 years were also the absolutely most boundaried".

Walls and Doors

Brene Brown, researcher, story-teller and vulnerability expert, recently said this: I love how life comes together like this.  Just as we are presenting to the public our Comprehensive Defense Course, …